Gunfighter Canyon

Arizona’s Premier Machine Gun Experience & Indoor Shooting Range

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Gunfighter canyon was the best experience that I have seen. They make me feel welcome and safe. The staff well known as Veterans help me with any questions I need as well help me with my shooting experience. Totally worth the money. I will be returning to this establishment soon.

Joshua Manheimer

Had a blast! They are so helpful teaching you how to hold and shoot crazy big guns. Excellent atmosphere!

Julie Markosian Campbell

There is not a finer experience than Gun Fighter Canyon. The staff is absolutely incredible. The Marine Corps officer there is so well versed in weapons and tactics he could train anyone to be an expert. I've been to many gun clubs and ranges, nothing compares to these people. Absolutely recommend to anyone who wants to feel the rush of firing a fully automatic gun or a gun with a silencer.

Rob Aguam

I had a blast! The staff is awesome and the set up is beast! I wanted to get more experience with larger firearms so, jumping in with a fully auto AR-15 was a fun place to start. The staff walked me through step by step and were patient with me while I got more comfortable. Their ability to be Stern on the safety points, speak to my level, and guide my focus really gained my trust and boosted my confidence. This really made the experience one of a kind. I left with more confidence around safety and more excitement about firearms. Friggin AWESOME time!

PJ Trout

Absolutely a must do!! Had a blast and the staff were so kind and very helpful!! I can't wait to go back again!

Jessica Schilhabel Trammell

Great staff and awesome experience. Staff explained everything about safety and the use/handling of the weapons. Good variety of weapons as well.

Moreno Diderich