Ultimate WW2

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This package includes all the guns from the original WW2 package (M1 Carbine, Colt 1911, and Thompson sub machine gun) but adds a crucial, war-changing element: the 1919 Medium Machine Gun!  Mounted on a modified turret, this experience is similar to firing from the back of a Willy's Jeep.

Firearms Included:

  • M1 Carbine, 10 rounds
  • Colt 1911, 8 rounds
  • Thompson Submachine Gun, 20 rounds
  • 1919 Medium Machine Gun, 40 rounds

Also Included:

  • Eye Protection
  • Target
  • Premium Electronic Ear Protection
  • Personal Range Safety Officer
  • Plenty of time for pictures and videos!

*Please note, the price is per person.