Kayak Lake Powell Package

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We have teamed up with Kayak Lake Powell to bring you an incredible shooting and kayaking package deal. The package tour consists of a beautiful kayak tour through Antelope Canyon and on the same day an adrenaline filled time shooting your choice of firearms, from handgun, to semi-automatic rifles, to fully automatic belt fed machine guns.
Depending on your tour time you’ll kayak first on a magnificent kayak trip tour through Antelope Canyon. On this relaxing paddling trip we'll kayak under massive cliffs and past beautiful red rock formations and amazing photographic opportunities. During the warmer months of Summer and Fall when Lake Powell is as warm as a bath, we’ll soak in the water with a relaxing swim or cliff jumping if you’re feeling adventurous. Or depending on your package tour time you’ll go on your shooting experience first and meet up with the kayaking guide afterwards. On your shooting experience, each member of your group will get to choose from a Glock 9mm, Smith and Wesson 586 Revolver, M4, AK-47. Or if you’re up to it upgrade with the package tour DISCOUNT and shoot the belt fed machine, use a silencer, or use the fully automatic submachinegun! -Yes, visitors traveling from outside the U.S. can shoot! All you need to bring is a current I.D or passport. Shooters as young as 10 can also shoot with the consent of a parent or guardian.
(Please Note: Available February - November. Please note that price is per person.)